Author: Jillian Johnson

Getting Relaxation Through Massage

Everyone deserves at least an hour of relaxation per week if it’s not possible every day, and you should do this through massage. The massage has a long history and in each culture, there are different techniques that were passed from generation to generation. Now, you can choose from different types of massage for relaxing your mind and also your body. Let’s see what you can do for reaching that relaxed state that everyone deserves.

A Spa
If you go to a spa, you’ll find a proficient therapist that is trained in different techniques. It’s the best choice when it comes to massage, as it helps you reach a deep state of relaxation while also improving many aspects of your health. There are different types of massages that a therapist can offer you – reflexology, anticellulite massage, Thai massage, facial massage, Shiatsu massage, Ayurveda massage, Bali massage, relaxing massage, capillary massage or a mixed massage. It’s up to you what you need or what you want to have in a massage session, but feel free to experiment at least once each type of massage.

The Chair Massage
These can be found quite frequent now in different places, like Malls or big shopping centers, and you’ll pay a very small amount of money for a few minutes. There’s a big difference in using a chair massage compared to going to a massage therapist, but it certainly improves your state of mind. You can also achieve one for your home and use it freely whenever you want. A chair massage has different functions, like kneading, tapping, shiatsu or vibrating, it can apply air pressure to the whole body and some of those chairs can also play the music of your choice when using them. These chairs can massage your whole body, from neck to legs, but it won’t feel like the hands of a massage therapist.

Massage Devices
If you want something instant that can help you relieve a pain in your legs or in your back, there are small massage devices that can work pretty well. Some have a vibrating function, rotating heads or both. The price for these devices is small indeed, but the effect is limited to the one spot that you reach. These are not professional massage devices and can’t be compared either to the massage chairs or the benefits of the hand-made massage.

In the end, you should choose the method that fits your needs most, but the best of any of these is to go to a spa and receive proper care from someone who’s specially trained in a massage technique. Trying something like this will improve your state of mind and also your health and it will make you stress-free for at least a few days.

The Benefits of Getting a Massage

The massage has become one of the most utilized relaxing techniques, a real weapon against some of the imperfections of the body, a way of action for improving different health problems or simply a refuge from the everyday stress.

More and more spas or beauty salons offer their clients different types and different massage techniques, so using them can only bring you real benefits.

It’s Perfect against Stress
There are many types of massage, but some of the most famous ones are the relaxation massage, the therapeutic massage, the facial massage, the anticellulite massage, the reflexology, the shiatsu massage or other types of oriental massage can contribute to reducing the stress levels.

No matter your purpose when choosing a massage type, it’s good to know that to reach the desired effects; you should take at least two massage sessions per week. If you choose the relaxing or the therapeutic massage, you need to know that it’s recommended to avoid any effort right after the massage. You can opt for different aromatherapy oil, anticellulite creams or inflammatory gels for a faster recovery or physical pains.

Improves the Aspect of the Skin
To be beautiful, you need to have a healthy and luminous skin. This is valid for both men and women, so everyone can improve this aspect of their body. The relaxing massage is brilliant for your skin, as it stimulates the blood flow, it allows a better oxygenation of the tissue and gives a plus of firmness to your derma.

Less Cellulite
Everyone has cellulite and it’s a problem for more than 90% of the women. However, in some cases, cellulite is more visible, and the relaxation massage or the anticellulite massage can help you reduce its levels, by improving the aspect of the skin. During the massage, the therapist stimulates the lymphatic circulation, which is responsible for eliminating the toxins and the fat cells. However, a sedentary life, a bad nutrition, sitting a long time in uncomfortable chairs at the office and inadequate hydration will prevent the lymph from combating cellulite.

Cell Rejuvenation
The facial massage it’s actually a relaxation massage done for the face, and this contributes a lot to cell rejuvenation. Because of this, if you have small unaesthetic marks you can get rid of them. The facial massage also fights acne by regulating the sebum secretion, making your face look luminous and healthy.